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Hollard has partnered with the LMI Group to bring free use of the Hollard LMI BI Calculator™ to all brokers in South Africa. Hollard is doing this to protect the consumers in the insurance industry. We are proud to be able to pick up the cost of the usage of the calculator in the interest of consumer education and protection.

The Hollard LMI BI Calculator™ is an online consulting service assisting in the training and calculation of Business Interruption sums insured. This initiative is designed to assist business and the insurance industry through Business Interruption cover calculators and through the BI Explained feature.

This service is available on


Business Interruption cover is designed to indemnify the insured after financial losses incurred due to disruptions in operations. The Hollard LMI BI Calculator™ has an established formula, verified to achieve the stated aim of placing the insured in the same financial position as prior to the loss. Benefits of using the Hollard LMI BI Calculator™ include the following:

  • The calculator is user-friendly for brokers when referencing financial statements of the client company. Alternatively, the link can be forwarded to the client, who then completes the inputs, guided by the online training video available on the Take a Tour section on the website
  • Brokers’ professional indemnity exposure will be lowered, as sums insured will be more accurately calculated and explained to clients.
  • The broker will have a printed record of advice which can be signed by the client.
  • Use of the BI Calculator™ and the BI Explained Knowledge Centre will allow brokers to become more familiar with Business Interruption cover. The access log report allows the brokerage to monitor this use.
  • An appropriate premium will be determined and collected with regard to the exposure.

Why is the BI calculator superior to other spreadsheets and/or tools?

  • The Calculator allows for the accurate and adequate cover for Business Interruption to be determined.
  • The formulae are not open to manipulation by users.
  • There is a formal printout option of inputs and results.
  • In Australia, where the Calculator has been in use for the past approximately four years, in the region of 12 Professional Indemnity claims against brokers were successfully defended where the LMI BI Calculator™ was applied.


Brokers nationwide have free access to the tool upon sign-up. Therefore, no subscription will be charged for use of the Hollard LMI BI Calculator™.

Terms of use

In using the Hollard LMI BI Calculator please keep in mind several factors that should help determine Brokers how to use the tools appropriately for each business situation:

  • No tool can replace expertise from a qualified adviser. These calculators may not be appropriate for every specific operation, particularly if your business is very large, complex or involves significant inter- unittransactions. The models have been designed primarily for South African operations and accounting conventions, and may not be appropriate for use with non-South African or multi-national operations.
  • While every effort is made to make sure the calculations produced by this calculator are correct, Hollard and/or the LMI Group takes no responsibility should there be any errors in the calculation as a result of Brokers or clients using this calculator. It is the representative’s responsibility to confirm that the amount calculated by this calculator is correct and any FAIS responsibility that may arise as a result of any errors made by thiscalculator shall be that of the representative and Financial Service Provider using the calculator
  • The policyholder/ broker agrees that the policy wording that appears on the website is linked to the accuracy of the ultimate figure produced by the BI calculator and the responsibility for making sure that the wording is accurate rests on the policyholder/broker. Hollard cannot take responsibility if wordings have not been updated with the policyholder without being updated on the website even though every effortwill be made by LMI to update the website wordings.

Sign-up process

  1. Applicants must complete a Use of Software Agreement form.
  2. The form can be requested by e-mail from or can be downloaded here
  3. The Use of Software Agreement form is to be completed and e-mailed to
  4. Processing of the application may take up to three(3) business days.
  5. Applicants will receive a return e-mail with their username and password details.
  6. Any issues can be resolved by phoning Hollard my risk & more™ or can be e-mailed to  

Using the calculator

  1. Access and log in using username and password.
  2. Complete the required fields.
  3. E-mail the calculated results with the Sum Insured to your Hollard branch for noting on the schedule where the policy is on a Hollard system, for example. Ekundu. In the case of Binder brokers, the calculated results must be stored for future reference by the Binder broker and noted accordingly on the client’s policy schedule.


  1. Online training: Training is available online at on the “Take a Tour” link. 
  2. For more comprehensive BI Calculator training, the LMI group has arranged annual training sessions for brokers. Email for details. 

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