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Date posted: 29 Jun 2015

Hollardites dig in down under

Though Hollard is firmly rooted in South Africa, our global footprint is steadily expanding and one territory where we are happily entrenched – and growing – is Australia. Read more

Date posted: 29 Jun 2015

Troubling trend in vehicle hijacking

One of the many ways in which Hollard keeps customers at the centre of all we do, is to take advantage of the data supplied by the South African Insurance Crime Bureau (SAICB). Read more

Date posted: 29 Jun 2015

Business identity theft – a growing global concern

Can you guess what the biggest fraud issue in the world is?
If you guessed business identity theft, you are correct. Read more

Date posted: 29 Jun 2015

Never stop learning

If you are learning, you are growing, and if you are not … then neither is your business. Well, that’s the way we see it at Hollard and, speaking for ourselves, there’s nothing more important to reaching our business goals than developing the people responsible for helping us attain them. Read more