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Date posted: 09 Dec 2016

The nuts and bolts of keeping the wheels turning

It’s time for many to pack the car and get on the road. Before you head off, take time to check your vehicle. It could save your life and your holiday. It could also save your pocket – if something goes wrong and you do have to claim on your insurance, you will be able to say you did all that was reasonably possible to keep your wheels firmly placed on the road. Read more

Date posted: 08 Dec 2016

‘Tis the season for brute-force cyber attacks – how to be safe

Hollard has in recent months noticed a number of externally facing accounts being brute-force attacked (automated password guessing until the correct password is found) in order to gain unauthorised access and deploy ransomware. Read more

Date posted: 07 Dec 2016

Festive season crime: let’s all keep our clients safe

The festive season is a time to relax and spend much-needed time with families. It’s also a time when we see a dramatic increase in crime, in particular robberies at shopping malls and other high-traffic places. Read more

Date posted: 06 Dec 2016

Hollard gets fresh thumbs-up from Global Credit Rating

Global Credit Rating (GCR), Africa’s leading ratings agency, has affirmed the national scale claims-paying ability of the Hollard Insurance Company Limited as AA(ZA), with its outlook as “Stable”. Read more