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Date posted: 09 Feb 2016

2016 is about eyeballs and handshakes

Finding a gap in the diaries of Hollard Broker Markets’ (HBM) joint MDs, Pierre Geyer and Nash Omar, should be harder than hunting for the proverbial needle in a haystack. However, accessibility to their partners and clients is a core commitment, so 42 had no trouble snagging an interview to discuss the outlook for the short-term insurance industry in 2016. Read more

Date posted: 09 Feb 2016

The Insurance Apprentice – will you be watching?

Season two of The Insurance Apprentice is almost here, and two of the top eight apprentices are Hollardites! Read more

Date posted: 09 Feb 2016

Hollard: Covering everything from dogs to dolls' houses

If you don’t already, here’s something you really need to know about Hollard: we are serious about what we do, but not about ourselves. Read more

Date posted: 08 Feb 2016

Why we love brokers

February is the month of love – of moonlight and roses – but what is it all about and how does it relate to Hollard and the brokers we work with? Read more