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Date posted: 08 Oct 2015

The Insurance Apprentice season two: let the games begin

Entries for season two of The Insurance Apprentice came to a close on 30 September 2015 after more than 100 applications were received. Read more

Date posted: 06 Oct 2015

Mitigate your risk, and better protect what’s yours

Prevention is better than cure when it comes to managing risk, says Andre van der Merwe, head of Hollard Broker Markets’ Corporate Property Centre of Excellence. Read more

Date posted: 05 Oct 2015

One step forward and two steps back

Pointless and harsh are how recently implemented, and so-called “draconian”, South African visa laws have been described by the travel industry around the world ... the same laws that are costing the country billions of rands as visitor numbers continue to drop drastically. Read more

Date posted: 02 Oct 2015

Understanding distribution with Pierre Geyer and Nash Omar

COVER magazine editor Tony van Niekerk recently caught up with the joint managing directors of Hollard Broker Markets, Nash Omar and Pierre Geyer, in the September issue of COVER to get their views on the current state of distribution and an in-depth look at the reasoning behind their particular model of insurance distribution. Read more