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Hollardites Willem and Danny share their wisdom in FAnews

Hollardites Willem Smith and Danny Joffe feature prominently in the October 2014 edition of FAnews magazine, speaking respectively about telematics and the Retail Distribution Review (RDR).

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COVERconnect: the butterfly effect

The butterfly effect states that: the smallest change in one state can result in a larger difference in a later state.

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The Purple Pirates cruise into the top five at the RiskSA regatta

Even though a near gale-force southeaster put paid to the RISKSA Regatta at the Royal Cape Yacht Club on Saturday, sailors - including Hollard’s Purple Pirates - set sail in beautiful conditions the next day, with the Purple Pirates coming in at a respectable fifth position.

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RISKSA Wired: prepare to set sail

The much-awaited RISKSA Regatta is the hot topic in the latest edition of RISKSA Wired, the newsletter for RISKSA magazine.

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