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Date posted: 29 Jul 2015

Vehicle cloning is on the rise

While it’s no big surprise that vehicle theft is a common occurrence in South Africa, vehicle cloning – a related crime – is also affecting purchasers of used vehicles. Read more

Date posted: 21 Jul 2015

Hollard Film Guarantors sponsors new DIFF merit award

Behind every great film are unsung heroes, without whom it would not have happened – but Hollard Film Guarantors aims to change that. Read more

Date posted: 16 Jul 2015

Businesses need insurance more than ever as South Africa’s Risk outlook turns south

There is an age-old saying that holds that prevention is better than cure. Read more

Date posted: 09 Jul 2015

RISKSA Wired Daily: tax-season tips and other interesting stories

It’s tax season again and the latest edition of RISKSA Wired Daily, the newsletter for RISKSA magazine, features an article on what your clients need to know about it. Read more