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Date posted: 26 Nov 2015

Year-end slowdown a myth?

According to the latest issue of COVERconnect, the weekly newsletter by the team at COVER magazine, slowing down at the end of the year is not always the case. Read more

Date posted: 19 Nov 2015

The next-best thing to a real Ferrari is … a Ferrari calendar

Anybody who’s ever admired a beautiful car will agree: Ferrari makes some of the most striking machines in the world. While most of us will never have the privilege of sliding behind the wheel of a new 488 or a classic F40 – or any other of the marque’s fabulous supercars, for that matter – we can still own a little bit of motoring exclusivity: a Ferrari calendar. Read more

Date posted: 17 Nov 2015

Two Hollardites make it to the Insurance Apprentice finals

The competition was stiff among the 30 shortlisted candidates for the second edition of The Insurance Apprentice – but only eight could make it to the actual competition. Read more

Date posted: 16 Nov 2015

RISKAFRICA News: water restrictions and pyramid schemes under the spotlight

The reality of water restrictions is a talking point in RISKAFRICA News, the digital newsletter of RISKAFRICA magazine. Read more